Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Giveaway on Lorelei's Blog

Lorelei is having an awesome giveaway.

The 3 Giveaways

You didn't think I was going to come home with all those beads and not share any of them with you, did you!?  No way, gotta share this B&B love! Coupla cool vendors offered to donate beads for a giveaway. I know you're going to love these!  To read the rest go to her blog----

The revel for A Time To Stitch Blog Hop!!

Recently, I decided to join the "A Time To Stitch" blog hop hosted by Therese Frank and Christine Altmiller.  It was an easy hop, all we had to do was create something in peyote or herringbone stitch, take pictures of it and blog about it on June 12th.  Easy, right?  Well, I found that I really wanted to do something different in peyote stitch, so I found a great flat spiral peyote stitched bracelet, made the bracelet, promptly forgot to photograph it, and sold it at my last show.(Guess I should not wear cool jewelry to shows. This lady bought it off my arm.) DUH!! dummy me!  The pattern was in Beadwork mag., June/July 2010 called Color Swirls by Marcie Abney. It was is three different shades of teal and sliver.  I just might have to recreate the bracelet.
So next idea, I would finish a couple of projects, all that had peyote stitch in them.  The first two are necklaces that have a peyote stitch slider on them.
 Bugle beads, czech crystals with a multi-strand bugle bead necklace.

8/0, 11/0, seed beads, 4mm and 6mm czech crystals with a dutch spiral necklace.

Then I finished the pendant for a new necklace.  Since I love (mild word) bead embroidery, I realized that every piece I do has a peyote stitched bezel for the frame work.
This necklace will be finished off with necklace of matte hematite and bronze seed beads.

Finally, I finished a freeform peyote stitched bracelet. In March, I took a class at Tada Artisan"s Boutique and Bead Store  The owner, Tammy Bacot, was in the process of just opening the store and honored my Mother and me by hosting a class for us when we in Williamsburg, Va visiting my brother.  Her store is wonderful and she is a fantastic person.

I think that this challenge has made me realize how much I enjoy relaxing and working with peyote stitch.  I now need to challenge myself and learn the herringbone stitch.

Please take the time and look at the wonderful jewelry that everyone else made for the hop.  They ar all fantastic artists!!

Thank you Therese and Christine for hosting the hop.