Monday, January 30, 2012

Challenge Check In

     This week has been crazy.  Mom and I have been busy every night except for Monday.  Opps, I forgot Monday was Weight Watchers for me and I lost another 2.6 lbs.  I have a long road to go but every little step counts. Tuesday and Thursday, I had to work which totally destroyed any hope of beading. Wednesday was the pot-luck dinner at our center.  It was a lot of fun and lots of good food was available and I was very careful not to over eat.  We had a good friend over on Friday night, Marlene and the three of us played around with clay to make cabs for bead embroidery.  I would love to learn how to fire and glaze my own cabs so I really need to see about a clay class.  Marlene had the new Best of Bead Style mag. and  I borrowed it for a bracelet idea- 'Hip to Be Square' by Marilu Morency.  The bracelet pattern is a square stitched design using two needles, cubes #8 seed beads, and montees (which I did not have) So I adapted the pattern using the cubes, pearls, and #11 seed beads (only because I didn't have #8 to match the pearls).  I also stabbed myself too many times so I made the cubed squares using a single needle.  Once the bracelet was done,  I played with the idea of a matching necklace.  I am pleased with the results.  Tell me what you think, please.
     The cubes are frosted amber, almost a rootbeer color, copper pearls, and copper seed beads.  I finished it off with a magnetic copper clasp on the bracelet and copper chain and lobster claw for necklace.

     If you get a chance, stop by and check out Lori Anderson 's blog.  Her  book cover design is posted and it is awesome!  I can't wait until the book is here!

    My New Year challenges are coming along.  I am taking more pictures with my camera and learning different techniques with it.  I have met several wonderful people on the net and am learning so much from them.   I am also doing something that I thought I would never have the chance to do.  On Feb. 11th ,I leave for a seven day cruise to  the Bahamas.  I am traveling with my Mother and brother, Tom and hopefully we will have wonderful cruising weather.

   I am off to bed.  I hope everyone has a wonderful week

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bead Soup

Well. my soup is ready to mail!  I have been so indecisive about what to send Christie that I think I drove Mom crazy.  On Saturday, I create one bead soup mix, then Sunday changed my mind and  now tonight I planned a different one. Here is a little hint about what is in the package---  ready for it----   A Focal Bead!   Seriously here is a picture of the finished collection
Oh did I happen to mention that it is already in the packages.  When Christie lets me know she has gotten it, I will post what is inside.
I have more to write but that will be tomorrow's blog.  Watch out it is a cooking lesson.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Challenge night

Good Evening!  I have thought a lot about the challenge with Skye this week.  I didn't finish my black shell necklace but I did complete a cotton candy quartz necklace and sold it. Yippee!

It is a simple stringing design but the customer loved it.   
I also made a beaded bead following directions in March,2013 issue of Beadwork.  It turned out alright, but I haven't taken picture of it. 
   Mom and I went to Rehoboth Beach, DE today.  It was cold and windy so we didn't go on the boardwalk but I checked out a pottery studio hoping that she sold cabs that were not glazed.  No such luck.  The owner tried to convince me that I could make them myself since we have a kiln and wanted to sell me  clay 25 lbs. of it.  Now I just wanted to try to do three or four cabs- just for the fun of it-  not 25 lbs. worth. I think that I shall see if I can find a local teacher and just take a class.  I am sure that the Art League in Rehoboth might have some suggestions. We also went to Micheal's and found some interesting things on clearance.  They have a 70% off clearance merchandise sale and when I got home I found some mistakes so I get to go back tomorrow.
   Overall, it was a quiet and relaxing day.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Work in progress

I joined Skye in her challenge this year.  I was able to use my camera several times this week , thus completing one of my challenges.  However, I did not complete my piece of jewelry I wanted to make this week, instead I thought that I would share a work in progress.  A friend of mine gave me this beautiful black and white sea shell so I thought I would make a necklace out of it.
I still need to finish the pendant and the rope but it will get done soon.
Then  I decided to attempt to create my own focal pieces out of a plate.  HA I now know why ironstone is so darn hard to break.  I destroyed one plate but think I mayt have salvaged a couple of pieces out of the second plate.

Now I just have to grind them down to smooth out the edges.

I also would like to share a picture of what my brother, Tom, bought at Foxwell's Antiques Store in Easton, MD.  There was a race yesterday to see who got into their wallet faster, Tom or Mom.  He bought it but I still have bets that Mom will convince him to leave it here for a while.

Night everyone, I'm off to make a couple pairs of earrings before bedtime.

Bead Soup Blog Party and breaking plates

     I am so excited.  I got chosen for Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party.  My partner is Christie and we have several things in common. 1. We love and create jewelry. 2. We love the Lord.3. We have three daughters.  We shall have to see what else we have in common as the month progresses.
   I decided to attempt to break a plate then grind the edges down to make cabs for my bead embroidery. Lessons learned--  1. Don't attempt when Mom is around.  She worries too much.  2. Always have plenty of newspaper or magazine for padding and covering. 3. Laughing and cracking at the same time does not mix well. and 4 Most important,  I now know why Ironstone plates last a long time. They are too stubborn to break.   Thanks Pat for joining me in the fun!

Sleepless in Georgetown

Last night was rough.  I  went to sleep at 11:30, up at 12:00, back to sleep, then at 1:30, I was wide awake.  So many thoughts were running through the brain.  New pieces of jewelry I wanted to make, regrets about not improving my skills over the years, books I want to read, people I have met, quilt designs that I want to convert into beaded patterns, the CATS driving me crazy ( Tom's cat Emma is visiting Marvin right now). finally got back to sleep around 5:00 , then back up at 7:30.
       I came to the conclusion that I don't like my blog profile, so today, I am going to work on changing it.  Also I need to work on putting together kits that I want to make. This afternoon, we are going to work in the shop, cutting glass for fusing, practicing with lampworking , and I am going to shatter a plate then grind the edges to make some cabs.  I just hope the plate shatters the way I want it to. Finally, I am going to work on my Esty account.
       I though that I would share some pictures on my post today.  Last month I was involved with a Facebook Designer Challenge sponsored by Bead & Glass Boutique( ).  The designers bought a LisaPetersArt kit from them and then created a piece of jewelry.  This was the first time I bought something sight unseen. Bead & Glass Boutique posted the pictures on Facebook and followers needed to 'LIKE" their favorite piece. Everyone's pieces were wonderful so I was surprised that mine was the favorite.

The kit had the five donuts, two copper findings and the Lisa Peters cab, we had to use 75% of the kit so I did not use the copper findings and  I supplied the other materials.  I was amazed to find that I had other ceramic pieces that matched the donuts in my stash.  There was a tiny dip in the cab- perfect for a crystal but I put a seed bead in it instead. Thank Amy at Bead & Glass Boutique for sponsoring the challenge.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Just Thoughts

      Oh, I have been lazy with my writing this week.  It seems like the week have flown by and I am not sure were it went.  Wednesday night, I met with a group of neighbor ladies for stitcher's night. four knitters, one non-crafting lady and me, the lone beader.  I find it easier to bead than knit---I started a scarf 8 months ago and only have six inches done.  It might be completed in time for Christmas 2013  HAHA  Or I might commission it out for completion. 
     I have been searching blogs this week in anticipation of the Bead Soup Blog Hop.  I figured that if I don't get picked, at least I will have practice hopping around. Wow, again what talent I found.
 Looks like roads in the sky near Georgetown, DE

      I was listening to the radio in my car yesterday- The Bridge out of Harrington, DE and a song came on.  Two lines in the song have been stuck in my head since then-- "As you do everything you do to the glory of the One who made you,  Every little thing that you do to bring a smile to His face." (Steven Curtis Chapman)  I kept thinking that if everything I do honors Him than everything will turn out right.  Whether it is helping someone at work, talking to a friend, creating a piece of jewelry, or just living, it will be alright.  So, my friends, just remember that LIFE IS FANTASTIC!
     I am off to bed.  Tomorrow, it is oil changing time for my car and then coffee with a new friend!  See you there!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The weekend is over!

Ok I admitted it I am a bead  hoarder!  I cleaned out my bead closet, emptied 4 boxes of beads, straightened everything up and  (drum roll, please!) IT LOOKS THE SAME! At lest I know where everything is now.


Oh well next weekend, I shall smiply bead!

If you have the chance, please check out my daughter's blog  or with a needle, a stamp and a spoon.  As you can tell from the title, she is into sewing and quilting, cooking, and stamping. She has posted a couple of videos and just did a tutorial.
Good night everyone and have a wonderful Monday.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Challenge for today-- Cleaning up Bead Room

I have been jumping around the net checking out various blog sites this morning.  WOW!  The creativity that is out there is overwhelming.
 The Bead Soup Blog Party has started. Please follow my link if your are interested in joining in the fun.
I am energized and ready to work on my bead room.  HAHA  The thought of cleaning it up is daunting, but I shall overcome and get it clean.  I need to destash the mess and figure out what happened to the focal beads I bought last year.  They are in there some where.  My plan is to get is clean and be able to really create new jewelry by the 14th.  I am off from work today and tomorrow so room, here I come.  Wish me luck everyone.
The mess before clean up begins.  I will post after shots when they happen.
Havana Beads is having a give away. Go to her blog for a chance to sign up.


You guys know I can't just show you pictures of head pins I just love and not share right?  Up for grabs is a set of my new Honeycomb Head Pins.  I'm doing the giveaway early this month because my month is going to get crazy in the next couple of weeks.  I'll let you guys know whats going on next week.  For now, I'll pick a winner Friday the 13th. I always say its a good luck day.  Just leave me a comment and I'll pick a winner through next week.  If you would like an extra chance to win, post this giveaway on your blog and leave me another comment that you've posted.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I have a friend Debbie who owns Sand and Stone Creations, a bead shop, in Seaford, De.  On the first Wednesday of the month, a group of beaders get together for ideas, fun, and talking.  We bring whatever project we are working on at the time and enjoy being together.  This evening helped me to realize how lucky I am that I have good friends who understand my craziness.  You know when I start to drool over sea shells and seed beads some people might  question my sanity--but not my friends.

I will count my blessings tonight and go to bed a happier person because of my friends.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

One of my Passions

   On April 8, 2011, Mom and I attended a three day workshop in Rehoboth Beach, DE on Bead Embroidery taught by Meg Fillmore and Moggie Moyer of Bead My Love ( Check out their web page for more information.

We spent three wonderful days immersed in beading. Mom created the beautiful pendant in orange and I did one in sage green.
Mom's Work station

Mom's work in progress
Mom's complete necklace with a Dutch spiral rope. 

My work station

My pedant in progress.
My pendant completed.

As you can tell, we had a great time.  Since then I have done several pieces for family, friends and for sell.
I am really hooked on bead embroidery.  I really think that this was my AH moment when I realized that I can create something totally unique and beautiful.

Now if I could figure out how to change the font on this blog I would be even happier. Thanks for reading my rambling. See you tomorrow.


  Let's me be the first to tell you I don't function in the morning.  In fact, I am amazed that I am on the computer.. I uploaded some pictures last night and just wanted to share them.
This is Smokie.  Smokie came to visit over Christmas from Boston.  He is 17 years old and has been a part of our family since he was six weeks old.  Smokie lives with Mary and Carl and truly is Lord and Master of his domain.
As you can tell, he wasn't happy about the change in venue site.

I told in my first blog that I have three daughters, Carol, me, Mary, and Donna. So I wanted to share their picture with everyone. We were at Mary's wedding and a great time was had by alll.

Well, I'm off to work so I will post more later.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year Resolutions??

I decided this year not to make the typical New Year's resolutions that I make every year and never keep.  I am creating a list of  ten resolutions that I plan to keep this year:

  1.  Keep this blog up and write on it at least every other day.  I will try for daily but I know myself---
  2.  I have a wonderful SLR camera which I don't use enough so I will take at least four new pictures of something every day.  I will carry the camera with me so I don't miss the unexpected moments.
  3.  Learn at least one new bead technique every month.
  4.  Make new friends.
  5.  Create our Etsy and Artfire accounts to sell our jewelry.
  6.  Smile more
  7.  Spend time with good friends.
  8.  Look at myself in a positive light.  In other words, in the words of my Weight Watcher Leader, Debbie,     BELIEVE!
  9.   Get out and walk. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Beginning

     At the start of ever journey, there is a beginning.  I think that this New Year will start a new journey for me.  I am going on a journey to explore myself and hopefully take others with me.  I am the mother of three beautiful daughters who are now grown and have flown the nest.  I am a daughter who has come home to live with my mother, a wonderful choice by the way. I am a talented wonderful person according to my youngest daughter. (That remains to be seen.) 
   So back to the beginning....  Over the last several years, I have had some life changes.  Nothing too dramatic, the girls grew up, that's expected. Carol, the oldest, graduated from college,  got married to a wonderful man,  five years ago, moved to Johnstown, PA. a year ago and works for Jo-Ann Fabrics  Mary, the middle daughter, moved to Boston, graduated from college, works for the New England Conservatory of Music, fell in love and just got married.  Then there is Donna, the youngest, she graduated from college, moved to Atlanta, GA, and works for Georgia Shakespeare and is exploring life.  So I think I did a pretty great job being their mother.  We had our ups and downs, a lot of both, but overall they turned out to be fantastic people. Another life change occurred four years ago, when I got divorced after 28 years of marriage. I won't even bother to comment of that situation.  Two years ago, I moved in with my mother, a truly wonderful great decision by both of us. (Even though she still tells me that I stay up too late.)
      I still work full time but fill my "relaxing" hours with beading.  My true joy.  Over the last year, I have improved my skills and love to beadweave.  This blog will be filled with pictures of my creations, so please look forward to that.
      So a beginning---- this will be a exploration of myself,  of my future ups and downs, and my creative process along with it.  WELCOME TO MY JOYFUL JOURNEY!