Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Challenge night

Good Evening!  I have thought a lot about the challenge with Skye this week.  I didn't finish my black shell necklace but I did complete a cotton candy quartz necklace and sold it. Yippee!

It is a simple stringing design but the customer loved it.   
I also made a beaded bead following directions in March,2013 issue of Beadwork.  It turned out alright, but I haven't taken picture of it. 
   Mom and I went to Rehoboth Beach, DE today.  It was cold and windy so we didn't go on the boardwalk but I checked out a pottery studio hoping that she sold cabs that were not glazed.  No such luck.  The owner tried to convince me that I could make them myself since we have a kiln and wanted to sell me  clay 25 lbs. of it.  Now I just wanted to try to do three or four cabs- just for the fun of it-  not 25 lbs. worth. I think that I shall see if I can find a local teacher and just take a class.  I am sure that the Art League in Rehoboth might have some suggestions. We also went to Micheal's and found some interesting things on clearance.  They have a 70% off clearance merchandise sale and when I got home I found some mistakes so I get to go back tomorrow.
   Overall, it was a quiet and relaxing day.


  1. Andra your quartz necklace is lovely ~ such beautiful spring colors. Today, Monday should be a nice day to visit the ocean and celebrate the January thaw!

  2. Oh wow, that necklace is so pretty! I don't think I've ever seen cotton candy quartz before! And some times simplicity is the best way to go :) With such lovely beads it would be too easy to over do things ;)

    sorry I haven't commented before now. For some reason you're link on my widget wasn't showing for me..I had to log into my linky account to find it lol Ah the joys of trying new things ;)