Monday, January 30, 2012

Challenge Check In

     This week has been crazy.  Mom and I have been busy every night except for Monday.  Opps, I forgot Monday was Weight Watchers for me and I lost another 2.6 lbs.  I have a long road to go but every little step counts. Tuesday and Thursday, I had to work which totally destroyed any hope of beading. Wednesday was the pot-luck dinner at our center.  It was a lot of fun and lots of good food was available and I was very careful not to over eat.  We had a good friend over on Friday night, Marlene and the three of us played around with clay to make cabs for bead embroidery.  I would love to learn how to fire and glaze my own cabs so I really need to see about a clay class.  Marlene had the new Best of Bead Style mag. and  I borrowed it for a bracelet idea- 'Hip to Be Square' by Marilu Morency.  The bracelet pattern is a square stitched design using two needles, cubes #8 seed beads, and montees (which I did not have) So I adapted the pattern using the cubes, pearls, and #11 seed beads (only because I didn't have #8 to match the pearls).  I also stabbed myself too many times so I made the cubed squares using a single needle.  Once the bracelet was done,  I played with the idea of a matching necklace.  I am pleased with the results.  Tell me what you think, please.
     The cubes are frosted amber, almost a rootbeer color, copper pearls, and copper seed beads.  I finished it off with a magnetic copper clasp on the bracelet and copper chain and lobster claw for necklace.

     If you get a chance, stop by and check out Lori Anderson 's blog.  Her  book cover design is posted and it is awesome!  I can't wait until the book is here!

    My New Year challenges are coming along.  I am taking more pictures with my camera and learning different techniques with it.  I have met several wonderful people on the net and am learning so much from them.   I am also doing something that I thought I would never have the chance to do.  On Feb. 11th ,I leave for a seven day cruise to  the Bahamas.  I am traveling with my Mother and brother, Tom and hopefully we will have wonderful cruising weather.

   I am off to bed.  I hope everyone has a wonderful week


  1. Congrats on the 2.6 lbs ;) A friend asked me to go to Weight Watchers with her but.. ehh.. that's one challenge I know I'd fail and I really don't feel the need to attempt it yet anyhow ;)

    The bracelet and necklace look great!I love the colors together :) I keep wanting to try some of the cube beads patterns out there but..I really suck at following patterns ;) lol