Sunday, January 15, 2012

Work in progress

I joined Skye in her challenge this year.  I was able to use my camera several times this week , thus completing one of my challenges.  However, I did not complete my piece of jewelry I wanted to make this week, instead I thought that I would share a work in progress.  A friend of mine gave me this beautiful black and white sea shell so I thought I would make a necklace out of it.
I still need to finish the pendant and the rope but it will get done soon.
Then  I decided to attempt to create my own focal pieces out of a plate.  HA I now know why ironstone is so darn hard to break.  I destroyed one plate but think I mayt have salvaged a couple of pieces out of the second plate.

Now I just have to grind them down to smooth out the edges.

I also would like to share a picture of what my brother, Tom, bought at Foxwell's Antiques Store in Easton, MD.  There was a race yesterday to see who got into their wallet faster, Tom or Mom.  He bought it but I still have bets that Mom will convince him to leave it here for a while.

Night everyone, I'm off to make a couple pairs of earrings before bedtime.

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  1. I like the new font that you're using but I think you still need to change the font on the titles and the "post a comment" section so it all flows together. :) And I really, really like the plate.