Wednesday, February 20, 2013

7th Bead Soup Blog Hop

Good Evening Everyone!  It is now time to stir up the ingredients for my Bead Soup, get my imagination in high gear, and create sometime beautiful with my soup I received from my wonderful partner Judy Robinson!
This is Judy's first time with the Blog Hop and my third time and I wish I could stop drooling over what she sent me.
First, I opened the box and it was filled with a beautiful soft tie-dyed purple bag. (One of my favorite colors!)  And in the bottom was a letter from Judy.  She stitched up the" beadle bag" for me from her flute bag materials.  Judy designs, creates and embellishes Native American flutes.  And by creates I mean she turns the wood herself to make the flute. I am in awe of her talent and skill!
Back to the soup ingredients-- I opened the bag and found the following ingredients:
Natural color mix of #8 seed beads, 4 cathedral beads, 2 brown stone beads, 4 green-gold speckled glass beads, #11 golden grain seed beads, #11 jade green delicas, a copper toggle, and two gorgeous wood cabochons. (more about them in a minute)

   The cabochons are extra special to me because Judy turned them herself!  The larger one is made from her favorite wood, sycamore.  This piece is from a Florida sycamore that was six years old which had to be taken down.  The cab is so awesome you can count the rings.
The second cab is a little smaller and from a spalted maple.Judy explained that spalting in wood comes from  fungi when it attacks the wood.  (Please check out her blog for more pictures of items she has turned.)
I think both cabs are fantastic and I can't wait to use them.Of course, you will have to wait until the second revel to see what I have created!  Judy and I are in the second revel---  April 6th so please come back!

Thank you, Judy for the wonderful soup ingredients.