Sunday, March 3, 2013

Special Surprise!

Several weeks ago, I received a very special surprise.  Kathy from ZnetShows e-mailed me concerning my blog.  She had read it and asked if I would be interested in designing for their March newsletter.  Of course, I said Yes!!!! A couple of days later I received a fantastic collection of beads to design with.
I was on the way to Newport News, VA to see my brother so the package went with me and the imagination kicked in.  I visited two of my favorite bead stores The Bead Store and Bead Retreat.   At the Bead Store, I found the perfect sea glass blue seed beads (along with a bunch of other beading supplies you can never just buy one thing at a bead store), then off I went to Bead Retreat.  She doesn't have a web site but her address is 1105 William Styron Sq. S., Newport News, VA (just in case you live down in the area)  I found the coolest sea charms and chain at her shop (and more extra beading supplies) and she is a wonderful person to visit.  Back to Tom's house I went and started creating.
The sea glass shell pendants and crystals are from Znet and I combined it with a spiral rope. I was so excited about this necklace I finished it in just two hours.
 Next, a simple chain necklace with a shell pendant and charm with matching earrings. Note the earring have shell chain drops.
I then made a RAW (right angle weave) bracelet  using three of the sea glass nuggets, a third necklace with the daggers, three pairs of earrings, one with daggers, one with sea glass bottle top rings, and the third with pearls and crystals.

Of course I help loads of help with my designs from two very critical inspectors--
 Marvin and Emma.  Somehow every once in a while one or the other would join me at the table and as usual lay right on top of my work. Sigh, oh well.
Finally, a picture of everything I created.  I had so much fun with this design project.

I would like to thank Kathy and Bill for this chance to design using their sea glass and crystals.  They have a very interesting blog on how the sea glass is created, please visit it. Znet blog on sea glass.  Also please visit their web site