Saturday, January 7, 2012

Challenge for today-- Cleaning up Bead Room

I have been jumping around the net checking out various blog sites this morning.  WOW!  The creativity that is out there is overwhelming.
 The Bead Soup Blog Party has started. Please follow my link if your are interested in joining in the fun.
I am energized and ready to work on my bead room.  HAHA  The thought of cleaning it up is daunting, but I shall overcome and get it clean.  I need to destash the mess and figure out what happened to the focal beads I bought last year.  They are in there some where.  My plan is to get is clean and be able to really create new jewelry by the 14th.  I am off from work today and tomorrow so room, here I come.  Wish me luck everyone.
The mess before clean up begins.  I will post after shots when they happen.


  1. Thank you for visiting and good luck with your bead room. That looks like a pretty organized mess to me, I guess your boxes need labeling so that you can find your beads easily. I too spend some time looking for beads that I know I have somewhere... Have a great weekend.

  2. Glad to meet you, love your workroom :) I guess I'll have to take a picture of mine now, mess and all!
    Beading is addictive isn't it? I label all my drawers and boxes and sometimes attach a picture, but honestly, I look into a drawer for something specific and find myself going through everything and thinking of ten different projects at once... I am that way with fabric as well ;)
    Best of luck, will keep checking in!