Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Beginning

     At the start of ever journey, there is a beginning.  I think that this New Year will start a new journey for me.  I am going on a journey to explore myself and hopefully take others with me.  I am the mother of three beautiful daughters who are now grown and have flown the nest.  I am a daughter who has come home to live with my mother, a wonderful choice by the way. I am a talented wonderful person according to my youngest daughter. (That remains to be seen.) 
   So back to the beginning....  Over the last several years, I have had some life changes.  Nothing too dramatic, the girls grew up, that's expected. Carol, the oldest, graduated from college,  got married to a wonderful man,  five years ago, moved to Johnstown, PA. a year ago and works for Jo-Ann Fabrics  Mary, the middle daughter, moved to Boston, graduated from college, works for the New England Conservatory of Music, fell in love and just got married.  Then there is Donna, the youngest, she graduated from college, moved to Atlanta, GA, and works for Georgia Shakespeare and is exploring life.  So I think I did a pretty great job being their mother.  We had our ups and downs, a lot of both, but overall they turned out to be fantastic people. Another life change occurred four years ago, when I got divorced after 28 years of marriage. I won't even bother to comment of that situation.  Two years ago, I moved in with my mother, a truly wonderful great decision by both of us. (Even though she still tells me that I stay up too late.)
      I still work full time but fill my "relaxing" hours with beading.  My true joy.  Over the last year, I have improved my skills and love to beadweave.  This blog will be filled with pictures of my creations, so please look forward to that.
      So a beginning---- this will be a exploration of myself,  of my future ups and downs, and my creative process along with it.  WELCOME TO MY JOYFUL JOURNEY!

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  1. So exciting to read your new blog! Congrats - looking forward to more beautiful pictures and insights friend!