Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year Resolutions??

I decided this year not to make the typical New Year's resolutions that I make every year and never keep.  I am creating a list of  ten resolutions that I plan to keep this year:

  1.  Keep this blog up and write on it at least every other day.  I will try for daily but I know myself---
  2.  I have a wonderful SLR camera which I don't use enough so I will take at least four new pictures of something every day.  I will carry the camera with me so I don't miss the unexpected moments.
  3.  Learn at least one new bead technique every month.
  4.  Make new friends.
  5.  Create our Etsy and Artfire accounts to sell our jewelry.
  6.  Smile more
  7.  Spend time with good friends.
  8.  Look at myself in a positive light.  In other words, in the words of my Weight Watcher Leader, Debbie,     BELIEVE!
  9.   Get out and walk. 

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