Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Stitch of Time 2 Blog Hop

      I am currently working at Gallery 107 in Seaford, DE, relaxing for the first time this week and waiting for     Hurricane Sandy to arrive.

The porches at the house are cleaned off, plants tucked away for safe keeping, and plans in place for my car to be protected.  I have purchased my extra supplies in case the electricity goes out and I am charging my laptop and cell phone. This evening, I think I will plan out some projects to work on so I don't have to search for stuff if the electricity goes out.  Yippee, I think I am ready.

Now on to better and bigger things---  The Stitch in Time 2 Blog Hop.  I am late posting for the hop, please forgive me, everyone.Therese Frank and  Christine Altmiller are wonderful to host the Blog Hop and I have so much fun with their first Hop.  This Hop challenged me to create using a new stitch (for me), St. Petersburg. I have often looked at patterns using it but never considered creating with it.   I have a book,  Cube Bead Stitching by Virginia Jensen and found the neatest earring pattern.  Thank you, Virginia, your designs are fantastic.
My earrings are made using 1.5 mm cubes in matte aqua & rainbow lt. topaz/seafoam lined   and 3mm cubes in transparent copper and copper delicas.  I think they are yummy and fun.

Next I made a royal blue and white bracelet using tila beads, 11 and 15 seed beads and vintage czech crystals.  I found the pattern in Great Designs for Shaped Beads by Anna Elizabeth Draeger.  Her patterns are always great. I adapted the pattern using the czech crystals instead of bicones just because I had them.

I have used RAW before and prefer to use it in ropes.  The pattern was originally a three strand bracelet published in Beadwork mag, June/July 2003.  It is an embellished double needle RAW stitch which I thought would be hard to learn but ended up being extremely easy to create.

Thank you Therese and Christine for hosting the Hop. I look forward to the next one!  Everyone on the East Coast, Stay safe with Sandy coming to visit!
Please visit everyone else involved with the Hop.  Their work is fantastic, interesting, and different!


  1. Andra,

    These are all beautiful! I love the cube earrings-they look like something growing out in the forest-love that appearance! The tila is such a great design and style-St. Pete's presented in such a unique and beautiful way. I am going to check out that design! Your RAWs are both fabulous! I love the look. I am so glad you hopped with us. I really hope you do the next one with us too---yours was worth the small wait :-)
    Be safe...we are prepping the best we can too. This is not a storm to take lightly.

  2. I'm such a fan of 2-needle RAW, and love what you did with it. Will be thinking about you and wishing you safe haven over the next few days. You sound as prepared as a person could be!

  3. Hi Audra,
    Better late then never I always say! Your pieces were so worth the wait. I love the earrings, I never would have thought to use cubes. The St Petersburg bracelet is very beautiful, I just ordered that book and should get it tomorrow. I love the RAW two needle bracelets you did they are gorgeous! I am so glad that you participated in mine and Christine's little challenge, thank you and do so hope that you participate again in the next one. Sound like you are ready for Sandy's visit, but never under estimate the power of a hurricane, so please stay safe.

  4. Beautiful beadwork! Very nice st. Pete -I like your beaded closures especially the 2nd from last bracelet!

  5. Andra, your creations are beautiful! I love the earrings...they are yummy! Stay safe and bead away!!

  6. Thank you for your comments. Sandy is blowing and the rain is coming down. Mom told me that if a tree should break the safest room in the house is the bead room so I am having fun playing!!

  7. Beautiful work!!! I love the RAW rope bracelets, especially that first one ... the rectangle beads look great on that rope, as does the beaded toggle. Gorgeous!

  8. Wow! that is some really stunning beadwork! I agree with Christine - those earrings look straight out of the forest! very earthy and lovely. The bracelets are all so different and yummy! I really like that first RAW one ... stunning

  9. I love your bracelets and the earrings. They're so Fall looking, I love the colors! The St. Petersburg is beautiful, I like the firepolished crystals with it.

  10. Your jewellery is beautiful! Stopping by to have a look at your blog and follow your journey through the bead soup blog party. This is my first one!