Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Vocal Focal Bead Swap

This month I have been involved with a Vocal Focal Bead Swap with Bonnie Coursolle  Bonnie matched us up with a partner and we exchanged a focal bead.  I was totally surprise to have Bonnie as my partner.  She sent me a fantastic Goddess focal bead by Louise Ingram

I searched my beads and found some 4mm Mother of Pearl and 6mm dark green kyanite.  I am thinking that these might work for a necklace but I want to add a touch of hematite to accent the moon she is holding.
Bonnie, Thank you so very much for this lovely Goddess!  I look forward to designing something extra special and worthy of her!

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  1. What a lovely soup you've created for yourself. You are right that goddess bead is fantastic.

  2. Great selection of beads you found to go with the goddess pendant. Can't wait to see the finished piece.

  3. The focal is wonderful and is so nicely complemented by the beads you picked out to go with it. I can't wait to see your creation.

  4. Looks like you found some great beads to go with your focal. That is a lovely piece!

  5. Andra, the focal you received is really pretty. I'm always amazed at what people can create with glass. You happen to have the perfect stash to go with this focal...I know you will make something amazing with this selection! :-)

  6. Thank you Everyone for your comments. I am finding that I am truly being blessed by meeting such wonderful talented artist through my blog. Each and everyone of you inspire me to strive harder to push my creations to the next level.

  7. Hi Andra,
    That is a gorgeous focal Bonnie sent to you have fun creating something beautiful with that one.