Sunday, May 6, 2012

Vocal Focal part 2

Bonnie,  Thank you! Thank you!  Yesterday was the revel day for the Vocal Focal Swap.  I posted that Bonnie Coursole sent me a Goddess focal bead by Louise Ingram.  I also promised that I would post what I created from the focal.  I have to admit now that the necklace is finished I  believe that it is the best strung necklace I have ever made.  Recently, Lori Anderson wrote in her blog about an article she wrote for Bead Trends- May issue.  I knew I had to read it so I ordered the Magazine the minute I finished reading Lori's blog.  The article entitled "The Art of Simple Strung Jewelry" sparked the creative juices in me.  I realized that I have become so wrapped up in beadweaving and bead embroidery I was losing the beauty of strung jewelry.  I felt that stringing jewelry no longer present a challenge for me.  Boy was I wrong!  So thank you Lori for writing a fantastic article!  Everyone should read the article!

So without further ado.   The focal bead with the beads I though I would put with it.

The Necklace!!!

I looked up the meanings of the stones I used for this necklace and found out the following bits of information.  Green Kyanite balances one with nature.  It brings loyalty, honesty, and tranquility while diminishing anger and confusion.  Hemitate is know as the "stone of the mind.:  It brings mental organization and is very calming and grounding to the wearer.  Mother of Pearl is said to attract prosperity.  It is purported to protect the wear from negative influences and transmute negative energy.

I hope that you enjoy this necklace as much as I do.  Thank you again Bonnie!  I will have great pleasure wearing this necklace.


  1. that's a really prety necklace. i like how the beads tie in with the focal.

  2. Andra,
    Thanks for hunting me down and for the sweet comments that you left about my patterns! I'm so glad you like them and that you enjoyed making color swirls. Good luck with your beading in the future and it was lovely to see you stop by!